Security and Docker: tips and tricks

07 Feb 2019 | | container, docker, security, informative, hacking


Everyone use Docker and normally when something is so diffused, there’s always someone else that try to figure out how to leverage the diffusion to do bad things (you know what happened in Breaking Bad). Only a few months ago it happened that someone pushed some malicious software - cryptomining - over lot of images: this happened because, despite the fact that everyone use Docker, not so many people are really aware about security over Docker. Fortunately, during the years Docker put in place several tools and features to avoid (or at least drastically reduce) the damages that bad attitude could cause in your containerized systems or applications.

The Deutsch Algorithm

23 Jan 2019 | | theory, quantum, parallelism, q, informative, ibm, deutsch, algorithm

Much more than a post (again)

What is the quantum theory? As said by quantumexperience official site by IBM, it’s an elegant mathematical theory able to explain the counterintuitive behavior of subatomic particles, most notably the phenomenon of entanglement. In the late twentieth century it was discovered that quantum theory applies not only to atoms and molecules, but to bits and logic operations in a computer. This realization has been bringing about a revolution in the science and technology of information processing: I decided to write some notes to better explain, from a physics-agnostic computer scientist’s point of view XD, what I understood - and it is certainly wrong - about Q until now and why I think it’s an amazing field for computer science. More on this story in my previous post.

A Golang Turing machine library

19 Jan 2019 | | busy-beaver, golang, tibor, computational, theory


In 1962, Hungarian mathematician Tibor Radó introduced the Busy Beaver competition for Turing machines: in a class of machines, find one which halts after the greatest number of steps when started on the empty input. Even if it could seem trivial, the Busy Beaver competition has implications in computability theory, the halting problem, and complexity theory.

Smart SPA Shower at home

13 Jan 2019 | | smart, home, reverse-eng, life, shower, spa, relax


I recently bought 4 small smart bulbs - the latest one you most probably decide to buy for your smart home 😂😂 I think it’s useless talk about what you can do: I will only focus on the important things.

Machine Learning is useless

19 Dec 2018 | | theory, ml, fundamentals, approach, work, thoughts, life


I would like to say “recently”, but actually is almost a few years I heard - and I’m still hearing a lot about Machine Learning and I didn’t want to believe it until now - believe me, I truly didn’t want to believe it - but yes here we are Machine Learning ufficially replace Big Data as buzzy word of the this past years, most problably will be still the word of the next year and I could not be more sad, frustrated, and worried about. Please haters don’t hate me, Internet don’t misunderstand me, companies don’t hire me, but first of all - please - don’t teach anything to your machines before finishing this post (!) 🤓 because they never learnt anything until now and they always felt good about so please - keep them simple operating system as they are, or at least talk with them before enrolled them in any advanced analytics course.

My first UniKernel image for sequence prediction

30 Nov 2018 | | coding, unik, cpt, ml, sequence, prediction


Predicting the next item of a sequence over a finite alphabet has important applications in many domains. Since I always wanted to implemented something like that, while I was looking for an interesting approach I found this interesting idea based on tree. And you don’t deal with trees since a lot, be prepared because as usual it seams simple, but it not. Moreover, since I like Golang and I always wanted to try UniK, I decided to implement my version of the CPT using Golang and use this exercise as a source to build my first unikernel image.

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