About me

I am Matteo, I have a bs and ms in computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence.

I graduated with honors and distinction in April 2016 with a thesis in the field of neuro-computational model, and specifically about taxonomic response and fast-mapping abilities of children, entitled A Visual Auditory Model based on Growing Self-organizing Maps to analyze the Taxonomic Response in early childhood. For this work, I was invited at the AI*IA conference, held in Genova from Nov 28th to Dec 1st 2016 to receive a special mention as one of the Best Italian Master thesis in Artificial Intelligence 😎.

I am a Golang dev, Mac OS lover, Docker fan, Python geek, Trello addicted, a juggler, a skier, a skater, a guitarist (sometimes), a dreamer (always). Always looking for a team of passionate people to work with, a mentor to guide us, in a company that wants to make the difference.

What happened to me recently

My master thesis was published in the Journal of Cognitive System Research here - and moved to adidas HQ joining the Platform Engineering & Architecture Team as a Platform Engineer.

Some of my repo

  • go-perceptron-go - experiments with Go and really simple neural network models.
  • quantum - experiments with entagled state in OpenQASM 2.0.
  • predix-configurator is a configuration tool realized to help you setup your edge connectivity stack.
  • cognitive-system-postagger is a part-of-speech tagger (viterbi / cky) / probabilistic-context-free-grammar manipulator library written in Python.
  • cognitive-system-semantics is a word sense disambiguation / document classification tool library written in Java using mainly Wordnet and Babelnet.
  • spotispy-framework is (will be) a docker-based (I’m planning porting with @valentinarho) Python framework to make data science - the musician way.
  • google-task-gtd is a sort of involuntary google goals library written in Python - I swear, I wrote this 3/4 months before goals came out XD.
  • gym-workout is a vagrant machine (uuuu, vm, third millenium - I know, you dockerers) with a silex+propel+materialize web based application to manage gym workout.
  • trello2google is a trello / google-calendar-task-management library written in Python with the BIG contribution of @valentinarho.

and some others.

Some of my notes (attention: tex available!!😃)

  • quantum-notes - this is a latex document that collect my personal notes about IBM Q platform, in general the quantum-computing world. I was also invited in Verona by the Quantum Research Group to talk about the platform - why? don’t know, maybe the coolest guys were sick 😂 A compiled version is available here! Enjoy the reading!

Actual work position (adidas HQ)

Theme Description
AWS Use Amazon Web Services to …
AI/ML Scale ANN models up to meet business requirements
CI/CD App migration: tryining fixing the unfixable

Purposes (evergreen)

Brief Long
People work with technical people
Theme work on technical stuff (mandatory)
IBM work for a tech company

Interests (always changing)

Cognitive Systems, quantum Computing. But… mainly see purposes.